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Underwater Photography in Anilao

My dive guide finned quickly down the sandy slope and I kicked hard to keep up with him, my heavy camera and strobes creating quite a drag, slowing me down. By the time I reached the sea fan he’d stopped … Read More

Underwater Photography in Cape Town

Cape Town, known as South Africa’s Mother City, is a colourful and cosmopolitan travel destination. Surrounded by incredible scenery and tourist attractions such as Table Mountain, Robben Island and Cape Point, it is often overlooked by visiting divers who come … Read More

Review: OrcaTorch D900V

The biggest problem I had when I started out in underwater photography was getting my camera to focus. I soon realised that in order for my camera to focus, it needed to see contrast and in the often dark and … Read More

The Search for the Dugong

Many years ago, whilst learning to scuba dive, I came across an article on manatees and dugongs. I was entranced. Not only were they cute, according to the article they loved hugging divers and once they held onto you they … Read More


I love pushing the boundaries of underwater photography and experimenting with lenses, torches, lights and coloured snoots.  To view each image in its entirety, please enter slideshow mode by clicking on the first image.

Published Work

I am a freelance writer and photographer and have had my images and articles published in a number of local and international magazines.  I am also available for photography assignments, resort or liveaboard reviews, written work and collaboration. Please let … Read More

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I’m here for you and offer the following services: Underwater photography assignments Freelance writing (travel and journalism) Underwater photography courses Public speaking Underwater photography gear advice and sales Scuba diving and guided dives in Cape Town Scuba travel dive leader … Read More