Fast Track Your Skills

"This is a solid course that every TG owner should take. I've been shooting for a few years now, but I wish I would have taken this course when I started. The course is a great way to fast-track your underwater photography skills and ensure you are getting the best pictures out of your TG-6."
Michael P Connors
Underwater Photographer, NY
Excellent Roadmap to Success

"I can't thank you enough. I'll still probably bash my head against the wall a few times but you gave me such an excellent roadmap to success. Also you gave me some tricks so that when I am scuba diving or free diving it's fewer decisions to make underwater."
Nick Larghi
Underwater Photographer, Hawaii
Take increasingly better photos

"If you want to take the next step in your underwater photography, Kate is the right person to help you. With her guidance, I have now been able to take increasingly creative, better photographs."
Lars D
Underwater Photographer, Sweden

Unlock Your Underwater Photography Potential with Personalized 1-on-1 Zoom Coaching!

Tired of trial and error in your underwater photography? Dive into a transformative experience with my personalized Zoom coaching sessions.

Say goodbye to the guesswork, and hello to instant improvements in your settings, lighting, and composition. Let’s elevate your underwater photography game together!

Problem Solving

  • Submit your photos, and let’s dissect them together.
  • Receive tailored feedback on settings, lighting, and composition.
  • Instantly enhance your skills for breathtaking underwater shots.


Olympus / OM TG Course

  • Want me to personally take you through the course? Then this is for you!
  • Master your Olympus (OM) TG camera for stunning underwater photography.
  • Understand camera setups, lighting techniques, and composition tricks.
  • Learn to save custom settings, maximizing your time beneath the waves.


Beginners Introduction to Underwater Photography Course

  • Dive into the foundations of underwater photography so that you can use your camera with confidence.
  • Understand and Set up your camera for both macro and wide-angle shots.
  • Uncover lighting secrets and composition tips for visually stunning photos.

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