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I love pushing the boundaries of underwater photography and experimenting with lenses, torches, lights and coloured snoots.  To view each image in its entirety, please enter slideshow mode by clicking on the first image.

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I am a writer and photographer and have had my images and articles published in a number of local and international magazines.  I am also available for photography assignments, resort or liveaboard reviews, written work and … Read More

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I’m here for you and offer the following services: Underwater photography assignments Freelance writing (travel and journalism) Underwater photography courses Public speaking Underwater photography gear advice and sales Scuba diving and guided dives in Cape Town … Read More


Anilao is one of the world’s top destinations for macro photography.  The country and its people are beautiful and the macro life is extreme, tiny and very diverse!


I’m fanatical about macro photography – how the colour and detail of the tiniest of critters comes to life once one takes a closer look.


Every fish has its own individual personality and I love trying to capture the little quirky characters that live in our oceans.  Here is a selection of some of my favourites.

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