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I organise group dive trips to amazing dive destinations. Most of the destinations I choose are suitable for both photographers and non-photographers and for divers of all levels. Our most recent dive trips have taken us … Read More

Photo Courses

I’d love to share my knowledge, experience and passion for underwater photography with you. Whether you are just starting out, want to take your photography to the next level, or have a problem you’d like to … Read More

Buy Photo Gear

I use all the underwater photography brands that are sold at Indigo Scuba, the scuba diving business that my husband and I own and run in Gordon’s Bay South Africa.  These are brands that are tough, … Read More

Mixing Light

  The key to underwater photography is mixing light: ambient and strobe. Mixing it the way you want. This is art.

15 Steps to a leak free housing

Lack of proper o-ring care and preparation are two of the main causes of camera housing leaks. Follow these easy steps in order to reduce the possibility: When you prepare your camera housing for diving, follow … Read More

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