Gordon’s Bay is a sleepy seaside village nestled in the north eastern corner of False Bay, where the majestic Hottentots Holland mountain range dips its toes into the ocean.

A quick 50 minute drive from Cape Town, Gordon’s Bay is surrounded by mountains and natural vegetation and the vibrant beauty of the countryside is mirrored beneath the waves.

Most of the dive sites run parallel to the rugged coastline that stretches along the eastern coast of False Bay and the many dive sites offer something for every diver – from shallow reefs and kelp forests to deeper, craggy reefs with incredible topography.

Fed by nutrient-rich waters, the marine life flourishes in Gordon’s Bay and dive sites are densely covered with colourful soft corals in pinks, oranges, greens and purples. Sinuous, palmate and whip fans sway gently in the ever changing tide and yellow, pink, purple and orange sponges adorn the rocks. Vibrant starfish, anemones, feather stars and sea urchins add to the riot of colours and beautiful pink and orange noble corals can be found proudly standing guard on the deeper reefs.

This base of vibrant life provides a safe and thriving habitat for the multitude of vertebrates and invertebrates that inhabit the reef. From colourful nudibranchs in all shapes and sizes, to crazily decorated spider crabs, hard to spot cuttlefish and octopus with their ever-changing textures and colours to small catsharks and reef fish, there is so much to see. Gordon’s Bay is a haven for macro photographers and the variety and number of nudibranchs on any one dive is astounding.

Larger visitors to the reefs include huge short tail stingrays, sevengill cow sharks and gully sharks, Cape clawless otters, dolphins, Bryde’s whales and many playful Cape fur seals who often follow divers around underwater.