I am a writer and photographer and have had my images and articles published in a number of local and international magazines.  I am also available for photography assignments, resort or liveaboard reviews, written work and collaboration. Please let me know if you’d like me to write for you!

Being an avid diver, dive guide and underwater photographer, I am also always happy to put new gear to the test, be it dive gear or photographic equipment.  Having a keen following on social media and the ability to write objectively and to really put gear through its paces, I would happily test anything you send my way – and write about it!

My work can be viewed here:

  • ScubaShooters Featured Portfolio  (Issue 23)
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  • Underwater Photography Magazine – Underwater Photography in Cape Town (Issue 105)
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  • WetPixel: Photographer’s Guide: Sodwana Bay
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  • X-Ray Dive Magazine – South Africa’s Gordon’s Bay (Issue 81)
  • X-Ray Dive Magazine – How to take really great photos of divers (Issue 82)
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