Kate_Jonker_MareluxI’m passionate about sharing my love of the ocean and experiences with others through photography and story telling, and helping divers capture beautiful images.

Photography is a fantastic medium through which to create an awareness of the beauty – and plight – of our oceans. Images can stir many emotions and we, as underwater photographers, have the opportunity to tell visual stories about our underwater world and to encourage its protection and preservation.

I am a writer, photographer, underwater photography coach, dive boat skipper and dive guide for Indigo Scuba Diving Centre in Gordon’s Bay and lead underwater photography trips to incredible destinations across our watery planet. I am also a public and inspirational speaker and enjoy sharing images and stories of our underwater world.

I am an ambassador for Marelux and currently shoot with a Canon R5 in a Marelux housing and use Inon Z240 when snooting and Supe D-Pro strobes for everything else. My go-to lenses for underwater photography are the Canon 100mm macro lense and the Canon 8-15 fisheye lense.

Writing / Articles / Judging
  • As an underwater photographer and writer, most of my published work focuses on underwater photography, equipment reviews and diving destinations.  For examples of my writing, please visit my Portfolio.
  • I also serve as a judge on a number of international underwater photography competitions, including Deep Indonesia 2020 organised by Dive Photo Guide and Wetpixel and most recently for the Scuba Diving Magazine underwater photo contest.
  • I am a regular contributor to international X-Ray Dive Magazine, EZDive Magazine and UWP Mag and have been published in a number of South African magazines including WildAfrica.
  • Women In Ocean Science have also featured me on their website.
  • My photos have been featured on the iconic Wetpixel website and I am a featured underwater photographer on the uwphotographers.net website.
  • I have also featured as Photographer of the Week by DivePhotoGuide.com and selected as a Featured Photographer by Dive Magazine.
  • My written work and portfolio have also been featured in the digital e-magazine Scubashooters.net
  • My portfolio is also featured on SUALTI Gazetesi.
Public Speaking, Interviews and Webinars

I love to talk about underwater photography and our amazing underwater world. Here are some of my favourite interviews and presentations:

Underwater Photography Workshops and Coaching

I am passionate about helping divers improve their photos and teach a number of in-person and online underwater photography workshops. More details can be found here.


Personally, I prefer to concentrate on my writing and photography and help others to improve their skills, which does not give me much time to go out and shoot for competitions.  I have entered a few (mainly local) competitions to promote underwater photography in South Africa: