Macro Underwater Photography Workshop

First and foremost, Kate and Deon are genuine, friendly and engaging.

Kate quickly assesses and realises the skill levels of each participant in her group and is able to tailor her approach, and enthusiam, effectively to assist and encourage each individual.

Do not be daunted or doubt you will fit in. You will. We had a mixture of beginners, like myself, to others who were already accomplished underwater photographers. Everyone, bar none, benefitted.

My goal was to make a quantum leap in my underwater macro photography, to understand the impact the different settings on my TG6 make, and to start exploring composition and creativity.

Kate has turbo-charged my abilities to a level my friends, family and myself are, to put it mildly, surprised by.

Kate gives so much of her time, really cares that you achieve your goals and encourages you to keep pushing your boundaries.

I am so pleased I signed up for her underwater macro workshop, and so very appreciative of Kate’s amazing expertise.

Waiting for your next workshop Kate.