Macro Underwater Photography Workshop

Kate is an amazingly knowledgeable and patient instructor! Her workshop helped me learn so much about underwater photography techniques and how to make best use of my equipment (TG6 with Backscatter Mini Flash 2/ Video light/ Snoot).

The workshop daily format included a well organized presentation of specific techniques with examples, practice in the water for several dives, individualized feedback as needed, and an anonymized photo review session at the end of the day to learn from each other’s experiences. We covered a lot of topics in a short amount of time, and I could see my photos improving from dive to dive.

The location was also very well chosen. Tulamben is macro heaven and the guides were eagle-eyed so they could spot even the tiniest critters (which I love. They were knowledgeable about photography so they could help with snooting or trickier setups if you needed it. Though the black sand has its challenges, there was little current or surge which was helpful. The guides also helped with dive equipment and entry/exit, making the dives very smooth.

The villas we stayed at were absolutely gorgeous, and very well maintained. Each villa had AC, high speed internet, and a million plugs for all the equipment charging. The food was tasty and there were many options for each meal. The staff was extremely pleasant and courteous, doing their best to help with every need. We even had a dance show at the end of our stay!

But of course, the best part was the knowledge and practice that Kate helped us gain. It’s been an amazing experience and I honestly didn’t want to leave 🙂 Highly recommend Kate’s workshops, as well as her online TG6 course. You can find no better teacher.